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Bring your unique voice to life through copywriting that connects with your customers. Stand out from the competition by telling the story behind your brand. Prompt your audience to stop scrolling and take the action you want.

Ready to grow your business?

My experience founding an online brand, producing marketing content and working as a journalist have given me the skills to craft the perfect text for you.

My experience

Freelance Content Writer

Dame, Good On You

  • create high-quality, SEO-driven blogs for brands
  • draw together expert comment, current research and interviews
  • specialise in slow fashion and dating content
  • use insider knowledge and industry contacts to produce relevant articles on the pulse of current trends

Head of Marketing

0&1, jewellery store and social project

  • wrote website copy that aligned with established brand voice
  • write weekly email marketing campaigns that generate high sales turnover
  • write short form social media and advert content

Kezia has been instrumental in creating our English-language content and growing our online sales

Oriol Carre, 0&1 Founder

Head Copy and Content Writer

  • developed brand voice and wrote website copy
  • created social media content and lead team in delivering output
  • wrote weekly email newsletters and grew community and audience