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Improve your writing whilst maintaining the spark that makes you, you. Don’t sweat about commas or capitalisations and meet tight word counts effortlessly. Receive feedback that does your writing justice.

Want to make your writing the best it can be?

My clients have received job offers and had articles published after I edited their work. As a former magazine editor, I know how to give the perfect feedback to make a piece come to life, all while preserving each writer’s unique voice.

My Experience


  • edited 80+ articles: developed ideas with writers, provided detailed editorial feedback, copyedited and proofread drafts
  • worked with writers of different skill levels on reported articles, creative essays and poetry

"It takes compassion and clarity to edit well. You must simultaneously defend an author and assert your authority over them. It’s not an easy balence to strike but it seems to come to Kezia naturally. It’s been a pleasure to have had her support on a number of personal pieces over the years and I always trust in her ability to refine a narrative voice whilst preserving its authenticity."

- Kate Balding

Freelance Editor - Applications

  • worked with several clients giving feedback on applications for jobs, grants and university programs
  • copyedit and proofread drafts; cut wordcount
  • provide advice on tailoring answers to application questions whilst highlighting candidates' skillset

"Kezia edited my cover letter and CV multiple times, which ended up landing me my dream job! I'm so grateful for the advice she gave me on rewriting and structuring my application. As someone who isn’t naturally gifted when it comes to writing, it was great to have her help and ultimately feel so much more confident when applying for jobs."

- Anna Dyet

"The initial edit Kezia did was concise and systematic, so I knew I was in safe hands. Subsequently, my application began to blossom and by the final draft I was so happy to see what I had wanted to say put perfectly. The teaching post I applied for have since called me to interview; I can't imagine it was anything but Kezia's editing of my application that got me to this point."

- Jack Heaney

Freelance Editor - Articles

  • provide prompt, detailed feedback on article structure, grammar and word choice
  • use journalistic experience and knowledge of publications to inform editing
  • edited reports on COP26 that were published on Climate Tracker

"Kezia is an outstanding editor. She offers services for every writer: from editorial comments to broader feedback on articles. As a journalist who writes in English as a second language, I became so much more confident in my writing after working with Kezia on seven pieces in the past ten months. I highly recommend hiring Kezia to edit your work!"

- Yiyao Yang