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Oh hi there

A very warm welcome to my self-indulgent, kinda obligatory, definitely-not-a-CV About page. It’s time to get personal.

I'm a freelance content writer who engages readers and drives conversion for sustainable travel agents, second-hand fashion brands and resale-as-a-service platforms. But you got that already.

So let’s go deeper: why sustainable travel and second-hand fashion? Because combining my four years of marketing experience with writing about my everyday, real-life obsessions produces stellar content that gets my clients results.

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Having bought only second-hand clothes for going on five years (don't worry, underwear's an exception), I'm passionate about slow fashion and fighting against the planet-polluting, definitely-NOT-feminist (despite what Pretty Little Thing will tell you) fast fashion industry.

And I’ve spent so much of my twenties exploring the world via train and night buses rather than short-haul flights that I’ve developed a superhuman ability to fall asleep within seconds of my head hitting my makeshift jumper-pillow.

I have a background in journalism—that’s why you’ll see big names like Vice, The Independent and Refinery29 on my portfolio. My experience writing features, first person and opinion pieces for national publications has honed my story telling skills to the max, making me an expert at crafting content your audience will genuinely enjoy reading.


(And if you really want to get to know me, check out my journalism portfolio and read about everything from my friendship dramas to my sober nights out to that time I decided going running with guys from Tinder would be a great first date idea…)

Originally from the UK, I've been based in Berlin since 2020. When I'm not obsessing over rhymes (shoutout my poetry side hustle) or immersing myself in books (reading one book a week is my slightly over-ambitious goal of 2024), you can find me sewing my own clothes, dancing the night away then writing it off as a cardio workout, or stuffing my belongings into a rucksack and escaping on a solo adventure.

So, that’s me in a nutshell. If you’re as obsessed as I am with second-hand fashion and sustainable travel, then I think it’s about time we put the world to rights with engaging content that’ll boost your website traffic, build trust and drive conversion. Or if you just wanna jump on a discovery call to ask me more about those running dates, no judgement here.​

Let's chat a little more

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