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I'm Kezia - let's get to know each other.

I'm a content writer who helps travel brands capture leads and drive conversion through high-quality, wanderlust-inducing blog content.

My journalism covers dating, friendship and family dynamics, exploring the impact of societal trends on personal relationships while drawing on my own experiences.

Having bought only second-hand clothes for 4+ years (don't worry, underwear's an exception*), I'm passionate about slow fashion and cover the fashion industry's climate impact for publications and brands alike. 

I'm a committed clubber but also go on sober nights out; my work covers how party and festival trends have shifted since the pandemic, dissecting what hedonism means for my generation.

In 2023, I performed a featured poetry set as part of Berlin Spoken Word's Summer Showcase. In 2020, I founded the online climate magazine Imprint Mag, which garnered over 2000 readers and published over 80 articles in my 2 years as editor.

Originally from the UK, I have been based in Berlin since 2020. When I'm not obsessing over rhymes or immersing myself in books, you can find me sewing my own clothes, dancing the night away then writing it off as a cardio workout, or stuffing my belongings into a rucksack and escaping on a solo adventure. 

*As are pyjamas, workout clothes and swimwear, and a blazer I tried on in a shop and thought about for six straight weeks til I went back and bought it. Whoops.

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