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Want to build trust, boost website traffic and drive conversion?
You need to stand out from the competition with marketing content that your audience genuinely enjoys.

Who reads content these days, am I right? Skimming, scrolling—quick break to check Instagram—back to skimming until oh, wait, here’s the bus I was waiting for, let’s finish that blog post later and inevitably never go back to it.

Sound familiar? Yep, I thought so. But occasionally, there’s that piece of writing that catches you and won’t let y ou go. That is telling a story so captivating that you just HAVE to know how it ends. With a background in journalism, copy editing and—of course—content marketing, I’m committed to crafting content that hooks your audience.

Here's what'll happen when we work together:

  • We’ll get your brand found on Google with high-quality, SEO-driven blog posts that engage those new readers right to the final call to action.

  • We’ll position you as THE sustainable expert with thought-leadership articles that show your audience you know your stuff.

  • We’ll build trust with quote-filled case studies that emphasise how your brand changes customers’ lives.

  • We’ll generate countless leads with detailed but digestible white papers that hammer home your expertise.

  • We’ll build a community via email newsletters, investing your audience in your brand’s story and turning them into long-term advocates for your brand.​

Want to see what we could do together? 

Working with Kezia meant easy communication and quick turnaround with no compromise in quality. She understood our tone of voice and fit her work to our format with basically no need for edits from me.

Samuel Ford, Content Editor, Oliver's Travels

Get rid of the headache of content creation

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